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By Mindy Arbuckle, E-RYT

Who among us hasn’t at one point in their lives tried to make a change?  Something that you feel would improve your quality of life, some activity that would be fun, help you meet new people.  Maybe removing something that no longer serves you, like ending a relationship or quitting smoking.  Whether you are trying to eat healthier, taking up a new sport or attempting to meditate to reduce your stress, the most important thing to have in making this change is firm determination.  Without it you will not make it far on this new path.
The yogis call firm determination “saṅkalpa śakti”.  Whether working with the body or the mind or gaining access to your spirit, you must start her.  Firm determination will give you the courage to face the obstacles that will arise on your path.  If you choose to meditated every day, then saṅkalpa śakti will help you to actually sit down and to the internal work.  It will help you resist the urge to watch TV instead.  If it is eating healthier you’re after, it can help you overlook the ice cream and have a piece of fruit or more simply to control your portion size.  In any mode of physical exercise, including yoga asana, a common obstacle is injuries.  With firm determination you can have compassion for yourself and give yourself the time you need to heal, while not getting so distracted that you lose the path of exercise all together.  You may need to modify what you do moving forward but that won’t stop you.
Saṅkalpa śakti helps you to embrace life.  To see all of its challenges as opportunities to grow and learn.  It allows yo to look at your fears straight on and overcome them.  The more we face life, the more enjoyable it becomes because you stop wasting energy avoiding certain things and seeking others out.  No matter what life offers you, you will work with it and be better for it.
So use saṅkalpa śakti to make time for yourself to grow and change.  Enjoy life more fully with firm determination as your guide.
Mindy ArbuckleMindy Arbuckle
Mindy is an inspired yogini searching for and sharing the truth of yoga.  Follow her on her facebook page for insights and how to live your yoga daily.