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Here we are a month after the last big flood occurred. I have to admit that I have little news to share with you about the space.  But, I will fill you in on some of the details.

In March, Maitri actually had three water leaks.  I like to relate them to the Goldilocks Bears.  The first one at the beginning of the month was small like the Baby Bear, easy to manage.  The second one with the bomb cyclone mid month was a Mama Bear size.  Bad enough for me to submit an insurance claim to have the floors replaced.  Then the third one a the end of March was the full Papa Bear size.  This one flooded basically the entire studio and is what shut our doors.

In May, our theme for the month is Integrity of Words.  This is what my landlords seem to be lacking, integrity in their words.  After the Mama Bear flood, when we met, they said all the right things.  Yet, their actions have rarely ever matched their words.  They say one thing and do something completely opposite.  They said they were at fault and would help to remedy the situation and all they have done was to put some fans in the studio for a couple days to dry it out and replace ceiling tiles.  ~not much help.

The day before the flood on the 30th, I made the decision that I was in need of a lawyer.  I have never had a landlord in all the years of being a business owner, treat me and my business with such disregard and disrespect.  I felt as if they thought I was some stupid hippy woman that didn’t know anything.  And have sense tried to make me look like the crazy lady that is hard to work with.  They have repeatedly blamed me for the problems we are facing (which is both frustrating and comical).  

Long and short of it is that the floors are still down in the studio, still, wet and now growing all kinds of mold and bacteria.  The landlords and Verizon, who was doing the construction work on the roof to put a cell tower up there, are 100% responsible for the damage to our business and they are not taking responsibility.  Their construction crew took the roof off above our space and didn’t adequately seal it to be water tight before two spring storms.  Literally, there was no roof and a plastic sheet with some 2x4s, sand bags and duct tape, is not enough to prevent water from coming in.  

We are in a conundrum to solve this problem.  I am doing my best to practice my yoga, union with all that is.  I have surrendered to the fact that I am not the doer here.  There’s no way I could have come up with such a ridiculous plot line.  I am breathing, meditating, taking care of my body, praying for patience and gratitude.  I cannot make this process move any faster.  And unfortunately, I cannot make everyone happy. 

I do promise you that I will do all I can for our community. 

I can also tell you that everything is temporary. The only thing that isn’t is the bright light of the soul within each of us.  When I go to that spark of divinity within me, I know that everything is going to be ok.  I trust that this will all work out with just the right timing, and in just the right way.  

I so appreciate our community.  The faith and love you have for Maitri is felt and received.  This is a time that can strengthen our bonds and help us through something that is difficult for many of us.  We will come out of this experience even brighter than before.

Have faith.


With love and gratitude,

Mindy Arbuckle