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Bharadvajasana is a pose dedicated to the sage Bharadvaja. His greatest gift seemed to be how much he could study and learn the wisdom and knowledge of yoga. He knew so much! His ultimate goal was to realize oneness with the Divine. Knowing more than anyone in with world about yoga and spirituality wasn’t enough. It wasn’t until he shared his wisdom that he could attain the highest. (Read the full story in this blog post.)

This pose helps us to remember that it isn’t about looking perfect or doing things just like everyone else. It is to find our own way and to then share the gifts we learn along the way with others to help them walk with greater ease and grace through life.

All yoga poses take dedication to find comfort and grace in, especially the ones that are the most physically challenging. This pose is like that. It starts simply and builds as you grow in flexibility in the hips, spine and shoulders.

The simplest form of Bharadvajasana is to sit with the legs like pinwheels, one foot toward the opposite knee, the other foot tucked back by the hip. The hips can be elevated up on a blanket to ease tension in the hips or lower back. The twist takes the chest opposite of the feet.

Next option is to start from Rock Pose (Vajrasana), sitting on the heels. Then shift the hips to one side, sitting on one hip. The feet are underneath the body and off to the side. Again, twist away from the feet.

Lastly, take the second leg position and then reach the bottom foot out from under the hip and place it on top of the opposite thigh in half lotus. Twist away from the feet as before. This time, you may want to reach round behind the body to take a bind. Holding the foot in half lotus with the back hand (it is the same sided hand as the foot), the front hand reaches toward the opposite knee.

Which ever version works best for your body is the perfect spot for you to be right now. Living in the moment is one of the lessons of this pose. Be at peace with yourself as you play with this asymmetrical twist.