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You’ve already taken your 200 hour certification course. But there is something in you that is craving more, and you are ready to go deeper. Just as you have found your way to us, we have found our way to you. The timing is finally right. Let the journey continue.

Maitri Yoga’s Master’s Path Training is a journey to the depths of your Self where you will discover and explore your fullness and your Truth and thus be able to lead others on this journey back to Self. You will become a better teacher both inside and outside of the studio. After completion of this 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training course as certified by Yoga Alliance, you will be eligible for your 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification.

Learn the tools necessary to elevate yourself by being more in tune with your own subtle energies, thereby being able to tune into your students’ needs and creating a more powerful healing experience for others. Maitri Yoga supports individual exploration and will help teachers find an expression of yoga that is unique to them while giving them the tools necessary to share with their communities.

Maitri Yoga has created a powerful and inviting 300 hour program that joyfully guides each student into the beauty of their inner world while balancing the expression of their outer reality. This course spans over 2 years and is meant to fit easily into your lifestyle and honor the freedom in the form.

Our training includes required course work, elective courses, mentoring, and an apprenticeship within our Essential 250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training so as to deepen the practical aspect of teaching.

Step 1

Complete a 200 Hour Training & Apply

Step 2

Attend Courses

Step 3

Complete Apprenticeship

Step 4

Schedule Mentoring & Practicum

What you need to know:

The Maitri Master’s Path Yoga Training Schedule includes various yogic topics as individual course that focus on the heart and soul of yoga, mostly beyond the asana.  These topics help you to deepen your understanding of yoga as a whole and broaden your ability to teach better asana classes. The entire 300 hour program will take approximately 2 years to complete offering space and time to absorb this new found knowledge and share it’s wisdom from your heart.

Courses include:

  • The Biology of Energy
  • Western Anatomy
  • Restorative Yoga
  • The Mind and Meditation
  • Sanskrit
  • Intelligent Asana
  • Yogic Philosophy
  • Mantra, Mudra and Story
  • Adaptive Vinyasa
  • Adjustments
  • Yoga Nidra

276.5 Contact Hours are included in this training.  They break down into 219 hours of course work (listed above), 52.5 hours (3 months of classes) of apprenticeship in the 250 hour Essential Yoga Training, 5 hours of one-on-one mentoring with lead instructors.  The apprenticeship can be taken at any time throughout your Master’s Path Training.  You may choose the months with topics you’d like to bring more focus to.

The remaining 23.5 Non-Contact Hours include 6 hours of Practicum (teaching free 1-2 hour workshops highlighting the new wisdom you are gaining), reading assignments and homework.

Students that are accepted into the Master’s Path Program can register directly at the studio or with the trainers.  All mandatory courses are included in your tuition. Elective courses are included up to 30 hours.

Each course may be taken by individuals not registered in our 300 hour program who simply wish to deepen their knowledge. Please feel free to register online.