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Rita Saunders became a member of the Maitri community about a year and a half ago after Doctors recommended she try it after a bike accident seriously injured her neck. Read on to see how you has helped heal and enhance her life!

Maitri Yoga: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Rita: I’ve been happily married for 29 years and love my job as an accountant at a fire department.  My hobby is bicycle riding, although at moderation.  I was raised on a farm in Illinois and the Cubs are my favorite team of all time. GO CUBS! I’ve been very blessed. After a terrible bicycle accident that caused major head trauma, I learned to overcome unseen disabilities. My passion has been in the outdoors on a bicycle. I’ve pedaled thousands of miles enjoying the country side.

M: How long have you been practicing yoga?

R: Because of some neck difficulties, my doctor strongly suggested yoga.  About a year and a half ago I gave it a try!  Wow!  Too bad I didn’t practice yoga earlier in my life. The staff at Maitri Yoga so kindly welcomed me into the yoga world.  I was and still am amazed at how Maitri’s staff welcomes all, are not judgmental, offers suggestions, and presents opportunities to look at other aspects of our lives.

M: How does your yoga practice benefit your career/home life? 

R: Yoga gives me more balance and encourages me to inwardly look at things.

M: What keeps you committed to your yoga practice? 

R: I keep practicing yoga because of the peace and tranquility it gives me.  I enjoy staying involved with the instructor(s) and others in class.

M: What’s your favorite yoga pose: 

R: Any variation of the figure four as it stretches out my hips nicely.

M: What do you love about Maitri?

R: I love Maitri because of the sincerity each instructor has to give me a sense of peace and comfort in my every day living.