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Nancy Sells has a been practicing with Maitri before it was Maitri! She’s been with Mindy for over 10 years- when Mindy owned her first studio, Green Mountain! She’s always a joy to be around and her journey to yoga is an inspiring one. Check it out below!

Maitri Yoga: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Nancy Sells: In 2008 I turned 50 years old and within three months of each other I was diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumor and breast cancer! What was happening?!

After chemo and radiation and surviving – I discovered yoga. It was the Fall of 2009 and I googled yoga studios in the area thinking that it might help me heal faster. Did it ever!

 I met Mindy at Green Mountain Yoga in Five Parks. I met wonderful instructors who taught me breathing and poses and chanting and true caring for one another. Genuine. It challenged me.Fast forward ten years later! I am an avid yoga practitioner and cancer free – healthier than I have ever been in mind and in spirit.

Having learned so much about being on the mat and poses and flows I started studying kundalini. Then I learned Qi Gong. Then I began to learn Sanskrit. I got a book on mudras and took a class on crystals. All these wonderful elements contributed to pushing me to greater clarity and health and patience and self-care. I learned greater peace. Only last year did I take up and learn meditation. Thanks to this wonderful new daily practice I am more clear minded, more mindful and more patient. And oh I sleep beautifully each night!

M: How does your yoga practice benefit your career/home life?

N: As a professional facilitator, I am always on a plane flying somewhere to teach sales people how to sell. I feel so blessed to go to the coolest places and watch others grow in their sales acumen right before my very eyes.

 Yoga goes with me everywhere I go. I do yoga in the airport, seated on the airplane and, of course in my hotel room. I admit not being as disciplined in those venues without my trusty instructors there to cue me and keep me on pace for a 75-minute session. On my feet all day while facilitating, it is critical for me to take care of my body and mind while on the road.

 M: What keeps you committed to your yoga practice?

N: Feeling good is paramount to me and yoga is a daily practice to that end. As a result it is easy to stay committed because I truly love the expansion I feel in my body and mind when I practice yoga on or off the mat.

 M: What’s your favorite yoga pose:

 N: My granddaughter, Eva, is 7 years old. Little Eva has been practicing at Maitri Yoga many times Our favorite pose together is “lizard on a rock.” Thanks to the breathing techniques we learned through study of pranayama, I have taught Eva how to breath too when she needs to calm down or gather her thoughts. She used to have asthma but no more! There are an abundance of poses that I revel in such as rock pose, legs up the wall, and my all time favorite, malasana. It took me years to recover from brain surgery but I was committed to learning headstand – and I did it!

 M: What do you love about Maitri?

 N: I give thanks each day for Maitri and its owner and instructors – they are loving and caring and moreover really know their stuff as regards to yoga and chanting and ohm.

M: What is on the radar for you moving forward? 

N: My mom passed away in 2017 then dad made his transition a year later. I was their caretakers and was honored to do so. So for 2019 I am going to focus on more yoga, working out at the gym, having fun with friends and truly enjoying life. And I am dating! Thank you Mindy and Maitri and all the instructors who have helped me explore . Bless you all and namaste.