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Elaine became a member of the Maitri community in November 2016. She’s a dedicated yogi and her happy energy is a pleasure to have in class. Learn more about her below!

Maitri: Why did you start yoga?

Elaine: I’ve always been a physical person and work out. I started yoga to try something new, but then fell in love with it on how it makes me feel, physically, mentally and spiritually!

M: How long have you practiced yoga?

E: 2 years

M: What impact has it had in your life?

E: It helps me stay grounded and brings peace and harmony back into my life when life happens.

M: Favorite pose?

E: Downward Dog.

M: What do you love about Maitri?

E: I love that everyone is friendly. I also enjoy all of the instructors with their own style that makes the classes fun.

M: What are you working on in your practice right now?

E: Balance.

M: What is your profession?

E: I work in the telecom industry.

M:Anything good happening in your life that you’d like to share with our community?

E: I recently moved to Littleton with my better half,Tom. I love our house and the area. We have all our kids close by too.