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Drew Weaver has been a member of the Maitri community since May of 2018. We’ve watched him shift, physically and mentally as he continues to practice. His high energy is a joy to be around and he doesn’t take himself too seriously which is always refreshing. Read more about our Student Highlight below:

MAITRI YOGA: Tell us a little about yourself (what is your profession, daily life, hobbies etc.)

DREW: I am a Sr. IT Project Manager for a consortium of Credit Unions.. by day. (-;  Project Management is often referred to as herding cats. Daily life for me is very hectic, I live in Arvada and work in Centennial, driving is almost a full time job. 30K miles/year. I’m also building my dream business while still working full time.

Hobbies: I can cook like dream in the kitchen, grill or smoker. I love food!

M: How long have you practiced yoga?

D: I had tried a class here and there in past but never made the commitment to practice regularly. I started in May of 2018 just a year ago now.

M: How does your yoga practice benefit your career/home life?

D: The benefits in every aspect of my life have been incredible. Work is not as stressful now. Going to the breath for even 2 minutes gives clarity in those super stressful moments. Yoga and diet over that year lead to 25 lbs of weight loss. The muscle tone is great, I haven’t felt this healthy (inside & out) since my twenties.

M: What keeps you committed to your yoga practice?

D: All of the afore mentioned and it keeps getting better, so excited to see where it goes.

M: What is your favorite yoga pose & why?

D: I like to get twisted, supine style. Doing lunges and twists were a challenge, I hope to find a happy place in them.

M: What do you love about Maitri?

D: The easy answer is the people, from Mindy (owner) who gets to know the patrons who practice here, the instructors (Yogi’s) who work with you and make for a great experience, and the people who I have met here who are also committed to the studio, so many of them who’s smiling faces I have come to appreciate!

Maitri is an experience, that’s something that sets Maitri apart. It’s not just exercise, it’s an experience for that 75 minutes and each time I take away something different, grow a little more and become the best me I’ve been. I have on many occasions thought that I was really lucky to find Maitri

M: What are some highlights happening in your life right now? 

D: My Skydive Club (Northern Colorado Skydive Club) officially opens in a few weeks near Greeley. This was truly a labor of love and couldn’t have known that it was going to be so great.