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Maitri Student of the Month – Pat Young

I am retired from FirstBank as a Data Processing Manager for 27 years.  Since my retirement, I have been traveling, gardening, and trying to relax more.  My husband Robert, encouraged me to try yoga again.  I tried it about 30 years ago, at home, from a book, but just couldn’t get into it at all.  We had the time now and I thought I would try it with a teacher and classes. I hope to learn how to slow down more through yoga practicing and enjoy the moment.  I love the structure of a good teacher with a great flow of asanas. Doing yoga with a good teacher is way better than doing it by a book.
As a newbie to yoga, I was hesitant in my first class, but the teachers were very patient, nonjudgmental, and helpful with adjustments.  I love the ease of a bliss class on some days and the challenge of an all levels class on other days.  My strength in my arms has gotten better, my flexibility continues to improve, and my balance is still a challenge, but I keep at it!  Ironically, one of my favorite asana postures is the King Dancer and my most challenging asana posture is Half Moon.  I wish I would have kept taking the classes 30 years ago, but had taken classes with a teacher like Mindy or Bri.