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SunMountain Center & Spa … a Magical Mountain Retreat!

This is the last retreat Mindy & Mike will be hosting for a year or more.  Please join us and make this retreat the best one yet!  We’ve made it easy and affordable care for yourself and focus on growing the light within!  Register by midnight this Sunday, 9/17 and save $100!!!

Why is Sun Water Center such a special place to visit?  Here are a few of our favorite reasons to spend a weekend retreat with them:

Sun Mountain Center is an easily accessible retreat center that feels like you are in a secluded space.  Feel peace as you immerse in nature and tranquility.  Reconnect with yourself as you take in the stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains.  Nourish the body with locally grown and chef prepared food.  The original, early 1900s homes have been converted into a space for retreating away from the hustle of life so you can feel both connected as well as free from the cares of the world.  The acreage they have is well used with farm land to grow their own food and herbs as well as to house several animals that help the ecosystem of their property.
We host our retreats here because of the mindful intention they put into the way they run the center.  They want to live in harmony with the earth and promote people and retreats that feel the same way.  They do all of this with a sense of grace and beauty which pervades the property, staff and even the animals!  It is a peaceful place that is the perfect environment to relax and renew!

Delicious Organic Vegetarian Meals

In the SunMountain kitchen we prepare vegetarian, gluten-free and organic foods. We utilize the biodynamic agriculture of the property with an emphasis on creating a healing cuisine for yoga and wellness retreats. Incorporating foods from our farm and the local mineral water ensure the highest quality and intention goes into each meal prepared here. At SunMountain, we are committed to consciously growing our own food in a sustainable way so that we may live in harmony with Mother Earth. The kitchen staff strives to create food that is not only meant to be healthy but also beautiful and appeal to all the senses.
Our retreat includes three healthy, nutritious meals each day.  You will want to take Chef Jeff home with you because his meals are so amazing!

Natural Hot Springs

Come experience the healing waters of the natrual springs in Manitou Springs.  
SunWater Spa has one private and seven public cedar pools available for use. All eight of these tubs are filled with mineral water from the famous Seven Minute Spring; the same water which flows from the Manitou Karst aquifer. The health-giving waters from our aquifer filter through deep underground cracks, crevasses, and rock faults, infusing the water through its journey with the highly sought-after health granting minerals.
Using our array of solar panels, the water’s temperature is raised generally to between 100 to 104 degrees. As it heats, the cedar oil is extracted, first changing the color of the water to a yellow tint, sometimes followed by a rich dark red. By drawing the oils out of the wood, SunWater Spa is essentially creating a cedar tea. This unique process introduces the soothing and healing properties of the cedar oil, promoting healthy skin, a soothed respiratory system, and an enjoyable, relaxing aromatic sensation.
During our retreat we will spend a solid 2 hours of conscious relaxation in the healing waters of the Spa!!

Sustainable Farm at Your Fingertips

The Farm reaches across four properties, built on a rocky bluff in the northeast region of Manitou Springs. It includes the historic properties of Onaledge, Rockledge, and Red Crags. This vast area of 6 acres includes buildings and landscaping features prior to the creation of SunMountain Center, and has expanded to incorporate these existing structures into visionary changes.
Sun Mountain strives for thier practice to honor those who have worked the land before them by making use of their projects. We rehabilitate forgotten plants and trees, they’ve retrofit the old meat smoker to heat the greenhouse, and more. They respect and value that which they have inherited from nature and commit themselves to the healthy management of wildlife: fauna and flora.
We’ll take a tour of the farm to meet all the animals, listen to the passion of the farmers as they walk us through the gardens and see all they grow on their property.
Learn more about the farm…

Hiking Trails in Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is right around the corner from SunMountain Center. If you are in the mood for getting back in touch with nature, this is a beautiful place to spend your free time during the retreat.  With magnificent rock formations and majestic vistas nestled into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Garden of the Gods is a treat for the senses and the soul.

Why Retreat?

A retreat is an investment in your personal relationship with yourself. Making time in your life to go on a retreat is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.
Time away from daily life in sacred space while immersed in yoga, chanting, nature, and meditation creates a “pattern interrupt”. This creates space for being, presence, inquiry and reflection. A retreat will give you a chance to pause and look at your life from a new perspective and often unlock answers to the questions that you just may not take the time to ask.
Is NOW the time to commit to making yourself a priority?

Mike and Mindy welcome you to join us in Relaxing and Renewing in Manitou Springs!

You are worthy. You deserve a life built on a ground of peace and joy. Taking a retreat is a nurturing time to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Retreat to re-connect with your authentic self, with nature, to get quiet, and spend time immersed in presence and reverence for life.
Clear out the old, connect with your highest self and leave ready to be the best YOU possible.
Mindy and Mike would love for you to join them on this peaceful adventure.  Join us this fall for some much needed YOU TIME.  The atmosphere is great, the teachings are useful and the people are like-minded and full of light.
Be sure to register by 9/6/17 to save $75.  Click here to learn more and register.


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