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Downward Facing Dog & GroundedPose-of-the-Month-Practice-

Come on into Maitri Yoga this month to rediscover the vastness of the pose we all know, Downward Facing Dog.  You’ll learn tips on how to refine it as well as strengthen the body to hold this posture longer than at the beginning of the month.
We are also focusing on grounding this month. It’s the perfect time of year to slow down with the changing seasons and live more in the present moment.  You’ll shed stress and feel more refreshed when you are more grounded.
We are putting all of this into action at our Pose of the Month Practice this month on Sunday, October 26 at 1:00-2:30. Mindy, the founder of Matiri Yoga, will teach an inspired practice that will leave you feeling great!


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