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We are on our way into this wonderous new year of 2019.  Are you where you thought you would be when you set your 2019 intention / resolution last month?  At Maitri Yoga, we have spent the last month gathering skills and energy to settle into a solid foundation for this year.  Taking time to rest, honoring the slow pace of the winter season, clearing out old patterns to make room for new energy, and simply breathing are excellent tools to develop your foundation. (Learn other simple grounding tools in last month’s blog post.)

With this solid foundation under us it is now time to start navigating the flow of your life.  When I think of this, I imagine a sweet river that I am in the center of within my own vessel.  I have the options to work against the stream with all my might, only finding that I am exhausted and have made little progress (can anyone relate to this?).  I could sneak over to a calm little eddy and rest a while in its peaceful stillness.  When that has served its purpose for a while I feel more rested yet find that I still make little progress on my journey.  

For me, the best path forward is to surrender to the current of my life and ride the stream forward.  I don’t know what the river (life/future) holds for me.  I do know that when I am in the flow, all I have to do is stay present and aware of my surroundings, guide the rudder of my boat to keep me on track and then surrender to the rest. I can find joy and ease when I move with the flow of my life rather than fighting against it.

We’ve all been there when we know we have to change something or to let something go, but we resist it.  Holding tight is utterly exhausting.  Resistance wears us out.  What happens to your body, your mind, your heart, once you decide to surrender to what is happening in your life?  For me, its almost as if I shed a weighty layer of stress.  I can breathe easier and let myself trust.

Trust is a big part of living life fully without holding on too tight to any one thing, thought, idea, mood, situation, etc.  To trust means I have to surrender some or all of my ego, to admit that I’m not really the one in charge.  I can trust that everything that comes my way, the good the bad and the emotional roller coasters, are meant just for me to experience and move through.  I have everything I need (and so do you) to get through anything that comes my way.  When life gets particularly tough, I doubt myself and my abilities like just about everyone else.  Yet, if I settle into a sweet surrender of letting go, I breathe, and trust, I have faith that it will all work out.  

We are co-participants in our lives.  I trust that there is a guiding principle out there that keeps everything organized and moving forward and I trust in the fact that I have free will and am not just a puppet.  When I open my eyes and my heart I can see clearly the choices that lie in front of me and I get to choose the direction I’d like to take. There are endless ways of flowing down the river of life.  So how will you choose to navigate that flow?