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As we enter the month of May, we have so many things to be grateful for. Mindy’s baby girl, Kevra, arrived in late April and has been a pure joy for the Arbuckle family. With the warm weather right around the corner, we can anticipate spending more time outdoors, observing nature, and becoming more present with our breathes and selves. Look around you and at the end of your day, list out 10 things that you are grateful for. You don’t have to write them down, but I find that when I put my thoughts and vibrations on all that I am grateful for, my mood changes and I feel so loved.
Our theme of the month for May is Invigorate and the pose is Awkward Pose, or Balanced Chair Pose. Since May is a time for new growth, spring cleaning, and a sense of revitalization, it was a perfect time to incorporate and invigorating theme and pose! To practice Awkward Pose, come into chair pose, arms are out in front of your body for balance. Finding your drishti (inner or outer focus point), lift onto the balls of your feet, keeping your chest lifted and tailbone rooted towards the earth. Engage your abs, relax your jaw and enjoy the invigorating feeling that this pose brings to you!
We have a bunch of fabulous events this month, including workshops on Polarity Anatomy, Arm Balances, Partner Yoga, and Kids Yoga! Invite your friends to one of these great events!