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Learn to practice the Vishnu Mantra of Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya to overcome your karma, find truth, and free you from the cycle of rebirth. This mantra is one of liberation and aids in freeing your spirit from your negative patterns. Practice this mantra with Mindy Arbuckle to learn to bring these vibrations into our life.

Another use for this mantra is to prepare the way for a new soul to enter this world and to enhance their spiritual development. It helps you to bring Sat Chit Ananda (Truth, Consciousness, Bliss) to your life.
Use this mantra as a yoga meditation and chant it 108 times or a full mala worth. It should be practiced every day for 40 days in a row if you are dedicated to developing the spiritual life you want to lead or to bring in a spiritual child into your life.