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Let our hearts open and grow in capacity to love one another.

I have some exciting news to share about Maitri Yoga! We are growing! Maitri will open a second location at 64th and Ward in Arvada on November 11, 2016!
It’s an interesting place for me to be in, opening a second studio. I honestly never felt the need or desire to open a second place. I was fully content in our beautiful little space in Westminster. On the other hand, I do my best to stay tuned into the messages sent to me through the Universe by God. I open myself every day to Divine guidance.
And that’s what has lead me to Maitri 2. I feel like a new mother, about to have her second child, feeling unsure if I can devote myself and love the second child as much as the first. But as soon as the baby arrives the mother’s heart expands beyond what she knew to be her own capacity. As I begin to dedicate myself more to the design, build out and organization of this second studio my heart and my capacities continue to grow.
I regularly tell students that God never gives us more than we can handle. And right now I’m trusting this wisdom. I am absolutely being asked to stretch in every way possible. Yet I do so willingly. I trust that one of the reasons God has pointed me in this direction and has removed so many potential obstacles from my path is that the world is in need of more love, light and friends right now.
When I look at the state of our world and our country right now I feel like we are here to balance it out by bringing people together as friends, fully loving and accepting ourselves and others just as we are in this moment. Together we can uplift and inspire.
And so we begin the journey of growing together. Maitri 2 will be another sacred space for healing, growth and expansion. It will possess the same wonderful atmosphere, energy, and teachers. We’ll be bringing on some new staff that will align beautifully with the heart and soul of yoga, meeting our students right where they are and with open hearts help you to open up to your potential.
From your very first visit, you belong as a friend.
With an open heart that is filled to the brim with gratitude,
Mindy-ArbuckleMindy Arbuckle
Maitri’s Founder