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Yoga Class Schedule

Maitri Yoga Schedule – Printable

Hatha Yoga – We welcome all levels of practitioners; beginners to experienced.  In this well rounded practice, we incorporate a combination of breathing exercises (pranayamas) and postures (asana) to fit the needs of each student.  The potential for meditation is always possible. (∞ ♥ ♦)
Hatha Yoga for Relaxation (Bliss Yoga) – This soft paced class will sooth and rejuvenate the mind and body with focus on deep breathing practices, deep stretches, releasing stress, and body alignment. Poses are adapted as necessary to provide each student with an appropriate level in a safe and supportive environment. This class develops the essence of bliss within your life so that it may be carried both on and off your mat. (∞ ♥)
Hatha Yoga for Strength & Energy – This class is designed to challenge the mind, body and spirit through a more intense asana practice. You will focus on a combination flowing movements and holding postures for extended periods of time, allowing your body and mind to push toward and through boundaries. This class will help you break through pre-conceived notions of what your abilities are and overcome internal barriers to allow yourself to find both inner and outer strength. This class is appropriate for experienced yoga practitioners with a firm foundation in the basics. Expect to work hard and laugh often. (♦)
Sunrise Hatha Yoga – Wake the self with the warmth of the sun and a flowing vinyasa that will energize the body and engage the mind. Welcome and overcome any obstacles that the day may present by taking the power you create on your mat off and into your day. Inspire those around you by starting the day off by nourishing your inner-light. All levels are welcome. (∞)
New Class! Slow / Vinyasa Flow – This is an all levels class designed around a flowing sequence of poses linked by the breath. Being mindful and moving through the sequences will give the space needed to awaken the spirit, mind and body. The class builds strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. (∞ ♥)
Hatha Yoga for Happy Hour – An enjoyable class to get your weekend off to a great start! Join us for fun poses, great people, and a good time. Classic hatha yoga flow class with a fun Friday energy. (∞ ♥)