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Ok, so this has got to be one of the most fun poses that will easily help you clear the energy in your throat chakra!  There is the balance between effort and surrender with each breath.  There is serenity and activity.  There is calmness and craziness.  Likely you will laugh, especially at first, and then you will appreciate the way it can make you feel.  Lighter, freer, focus, clearing out the fire that can easily get trapped within. Get into it as much as you want.  Have fun, be wild and silly.  

A simple practice of this pose is to start in a seated Rock Pose, Vajrasana, with support or without.  (You could also start in Easy Pose, Sukhasana.)  Let the hands rest on the thighs, breathe in slowly, smoothly and relax the face, closing down the eyes.  With an exhale, lean the body forward, open the hands wide, stick your tongue out, crossing your eyes up and in and roar!  The roar can be an audible exhale on the softer end of the spectrum or a loud and ferocious noise.  You could practice this with a Goddess Pose (Deviasana), Cat/Cow, Warrior 1 (Virabhadrasana 1) or another place you want.  The audible exhale can be in place of any exhale. 

Like I mentioned, this is one of the best poses to clear blocked energy from the throat chakra, Vishuddha.  It is related to creative expression through art, writing, acting, etc, as well as other means of self expression.  It is the connection place between the heart and the mind (so it is super important!).   Here we learn to speak our truth, have integrity in our words and clear vision of our world.    It is related to the spacious qualities of akasha, or ether and gives a sense of lightness and freedom. 

If you are into gemstones and crystals, look for the lighter and brighter blue stones to activate and clear this chakra.  The bija sound or seed vibaration for this chakra is “HAM.” Simply repeating it with the qualities you want to develop in mind will build vitality in this chakra for you.