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Integrity.  It seems that this simple word has lost it’s potency in this modern era of social media, politics and separation.  Yet, if it is held in the heart there is nothing to fear.  Integrity keeps us on a clear path.  Even if obstacles arise in our lives (and they are certain to), if we hold our hearts, minds, words and actions in integrity we will find the solution that is aligned with our highest good.  And that solution will be supported by the ones we love and supportive of those same people. 

Integrity allows each of us the opportunity to speak our truth and live in alignment with that truth.  This is always in process and we are all human so mistakes are made and allowed.  Learn from those mistakes and evolve from them.  Living with integrity doesn’t mean to be perfect.  I find that it helps me live more consciously.  I can consciously choose my thoughts, words and actions.  I am not a robot that is living on auto pilot from my past conditioning (samskaras).  When we live from truth, the truth begins to follow us. 

Andrea, one of our Maitri teachers, recently heard a client tell her this fabulous quote:

“If you make a mistake and tell the truth about it, it becomes your past; if you lie to cover it up, it becomes your future.”

Have you ever gotten yourself caught up in a lie and can’t quite seem to get out of it?  The only solution is to fess up and speak the truth.  It may be painful at first.  But it will set you free so you don’t have to keep maneuvering around the web of lies you’ve woven.

It takes courage and humility to always speak with integrity.  So often it feels good to gossip about other people or situations to vent and blow off steam.  You might feel better in the moment.  Speaking in this way diminishes your ability to be kind and compassionate and wears you out. 

The only way to move beyond the limited self is to gain pure wisdom and knowledge of the higher Self (Atman).  That means seeing all of yourself clearly.  The more we understand our highest nature (the study of the Self is called svadhyaya), the more we live in alignment with and filled with integrity.  Practice yoga, breathe consciously, meditate, take walks in nature.  Anything that makes you feel more in tune with your true Self is good to do.  

Lets put the potency back in integrity.  If more of us would take this on as an important part of our lives we would be the change we wish to see in the world.  Join me in placing integrity in the forefront of your life this month so that it can become a more well established part of our lives.  Be the bright shining light you wish to see in others.