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Spring is the perfect time of year to reawaken the energy of the heart.  The heart is physically the muscle that moves the necessary oxygen around the body through the blood.  Energetically and emotionally it is the home of love, empathy, kindness and gladness.  We feel something in the heart when we are in relationship with others.  Sometimes those feelings are so intoxicating that you feel like you could fly and other times they hurt so much that we want to shrink away from the world.  In all ways, the heart is important and powerful!

When we take time to look within to our hearts we have the ability to look for love.  Love is the essence of all things.  I know it can be hard to imagine love as the root of the things that frustrate you or cause you pain.  Love it is.  Love is the energy that causes us to grow.  Only through self-love are you willing to make positive changes in your life.  And as any parent knows, love can show up in ways that can hurt and feel restricting (think about giving a teenager a curfew and then that same teenager looking at you with venom because you love them enough to care about them and want to keep them safe).

Love can feel vulnerable at times and like a safety net at other times. Many of us shy away from the vulnerable feelings of the heart.  It is completely understandable.  Yet, when we can open our hearts to loving that sense of vulnerability and learning that we have nothing to hide and nothing to prove, that sense of vulnerability can turn into empowerment.

Find a safe space to open up your heart like at your yoga classes.  No one is there to judge you or attack you.  Let the heart release it’s fears and worries and embrace the wholeness that you are.  Hold your heart in high regards both physically and energetically.  Let the heart rise like a hot air balloon from the center of the chest and you’ll feel your posture improve.  The shoulders and neck can relax down as the heart rises up.

Gandhi’s words of “Be the change you want to see in the world.” come through to me so often.  Right now the world is filled with hatred and division.  Can you find more loving acceptance within yourself and shine that loving light out to others?  If each one of us focuses our energy on love, we can change the world.  It starts within and spreads easily.  Be love.  Inside and outside.  Be love.

Check out a video from our staff meeting about the heart.


With love from my heart to yours,

Mindy Arbuckle

Founder of Maitri Yoga

Author of 7 Steps to Happy