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Establishing a firm foundation in life is a key component to allowing the possibilities of your life to unfold with ease, abundance and grace.  It is also important at the start of each new year.  What is it that you’d like to accomplish this year?  It doesn’t matter if it is something concrete like getting a new job, changing location, buying a new car or if it is more ethereal like clearing out old emotional patterns, less stress and more ease every day or walking your spiritual path with more devotion.  

All plans start with a good foundation.  What will help you feel more steady and secure on your 2019 adventure?  Is it clearing out old debt so you have room for abundance to flow?  How about setting up a sacred space in your home that you can spend a few minutes at each day just for you?  Take a deep breath in, close your eyes and slowly let the breath out.  What do you need to feel strong in your life, safe?

Foundation energetically relates to the first chakra, Muladhara.  It is located at the base of the body or the tip of the tailbone.  The color is red and the seed sound (bija) is LAM.  It is related to your feet, legs and sit bones.  Take another deep breath.  Rest into your lower body.  Can you visualize or feel the color of red like a red orb of light at your tailbone?  As you exhale internally hear the sound of LAM.  Let it last the entire length of your exhale.  Test this out a few more times with the breath.  

    • Breathe deeply
    • Imagine the color red at your tailbone
    • Hear the internal sound LAM with the exhales (if it helps vocalize the sound)

LAM is a sound that possesses all the potential energy of the first chakra and the earth element.  It doesn’t have a translation but can be likened to any seed that holds all the potential energy of the full-grown plant and all the fruits it will bear.  So, when we need to get grounded, slow down, heal the lower body or find foundation it is a wonderful sound to call upon. 

Let the mantra guide you to what you need for your foundation to be strong and stable in this wonderful new year!