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28 Day Yoga Challenge

February Theme: Commitment

Pose of the Month: Crow Pose – Bakasana

February is going to be a great month at Miatri Yoga! Are you ready to commit to yourself and your practice? Sign up at the center for our Yoga Challenge by simply adding your name to the chart and stating your goal. Then for every class you attend in February (including workshops) you get to put a star on the chart.
If you’d like to bump up your practice by upgrading for February to our Unlimited Yoga package email me by the end of the month. mindy@yogamaitricenter.com You can upgrade for the challenge with no added stress for just one month.
Our pose this month will help you with your practice of commitment. Crow Pose is an arm balance that you have to find trust in yourself and fully commit to the pose. Once you do, you’ll be off soaring. It’s amazing what a little commitment can do for you in your yoga postures and in your life!

Stay tuned for weekly home practice videos to keep you inspired even when you are at home during our challenge.

  • Week 1 Video: Hips and Lower Back
  • Week 2 Video: Spinal Flexibility and Health
  • Week 3 Video: Action Packed Asana
  • Week 4 Video: Core Strength

I’ll email the videos or you can also find them on facebook2, twitter-icon  and YouTube-icon-button.
Learn more about rewards for the Challenge and using the MindBody Connect app to register for classes.
Tell your friends on Social Media and sign up at the center!