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It is easy to feel disconnected in our world today.  Especially after such a tragedy as the Las Vegas shootings this week.  If we watch the news it feels like they are pulling us apart.  Politicians put us into republicans or Democrats or field us into the groups that they can exploit.  Everywhere we turn it seems we have to be on teams and whatever team you are facing you have to hate and destroy.
Why do we tend to be drawn toward the separation and division instead of toward the unity?  I feel it is because we are disconnected from ourselves.  Our sense of connection these days comes more from a screen than from personal interactions.  This outward sense of connection keeps drawing us out of ourselves looking for a sense of connection that really isn’t there.
Instead of looking outward, what would be different if we looked inward for connection?  Within each and every one of us right now there is a perfect form – the form Divine.  You are already what you desire to be.  You are the solution.  You are the light of love.
A part of you knows this to be true already. Just think about the last yoga class you came to after a rough day.  You were out of your center, disconnected from you and those around you and not feeling yourself.  But, you came to your yoga class.  You breathed, moved mindfully, grounded yourself and reconnected to your center.  At the end of class, you noticed how much better you felt.  You were more open to the other people in the room.  You felt a smile on your face and in your heart.
Darkness cannot overcome the light.  Light can only be blocked which creates the illusion of darkness.  If you take away that which blocks – separates – divides, the light shines through.  Light removes darkness.  It will always win in the end.
If we want more light and connection in our lives then we have to remove the separation.  The primary cause of the division is in our belief that we are all separate.  This is the great illusion or maya that makes us believe that we are all individuals because we have different bodies, minds, occupations, and beliefs.  Yes, those are all present.  But the bigger picture is that there is an energy which pervades all things and all beings everywhere.  This is the truth.  This is the connection.  Turn your attention toward this mahaprana or great source of energy that exists within you and you will feel it connected towards others.
Blaming others for the worlds troubles will never solve the problem.  Darkness added to darkness only brings more darkness.  We must shine light upon the world from our hearts to eradicate that which divides and keeps us separate.  This light of love will strengthen the more we connect to it and the more our society and world sees this as the solution.  It was nearly 100 years ago when Gandhi so wisely guided us to the answer, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
If you do this inner work it will make a difference.  If 100 people do this work we can feel it even more.  Just imagine what a change we could make in the world if 100,000,000 felt this shift!  We start with one and we will change the world!
In love and light,
Mindy Arbuckle
Maitri Founder