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I am a Colorado native and although I love the ocean very much I would never live
With this said, the mortgage industry is what originally drew me to yoga.  I needed some peace and time to take care of myself and give my mind a chance to rest.  I wasn’t sleeping well and was very angry.
Even though I do not have as much stress in my current job as I used to, I still need to be able to focus and think clearly.  I am a much calmer person and do not let things I have no control over rule my emotions.  This makes me a better employee, co-worker, and person.
My favorite aspect of Yoga is that no matter what happened in my day, like my 60 mile round trip commute every day on I-25 or having a 18 month old puppy can try one’s patience, I can come to yoga and forget it all.  I leave the class every time with such peace and tranquility that I can handle whatever the next day will bring.
Yoga is not just meditation, it can be as hard or as gentle of a workout as you want it to be.   It is a chance to test your own limits – or the limits you think you have.  It is wonderful exercise and it really does make you feel better.
My favorite asana posture would have to be reclining pigeon pose.  I really like the hip openers and I can find rest in this pose.
My least favorite would be plank.  My mind wanders in this pose, generally along the lines of this is hard and why do I have to do this, but since it was the pose of the month for June – I have gotten a lot of practice and I am learning to try and have a better attitude about planks.
Thank you Bri and Mindy and all the other wonderful teachers we have for your dedication.