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We had an amazing time together this past weekend in our teacher training.  Here is a part of Bobby’s experience from this weekend. She is half way through the program.

I’m really enjoying the yoga teacher training because it is such a safe, supportive space.  It’s not so much about becoming a yoga teacher as it is about growing as a person.  Everyone in the class is respected and respectful.  There is so much learning about how the pieces of a yoga class come together, not only for a yoga practice (personal or classroom), but also how it fits into the rest of our lives.  It’s not about being able to do some crazy pose; it’s about finding what works for each individual on any given day.  

Just this past weekend, I came into class feeling overwhelmed by life after dealing with some serious tragedies.  I wasn’t ready to be in the class; I was exhausted, emotional, and having difficulty thinking straight.  But the positive energy and supportive environment, along with the work that we did made a huge difference; life is still there and everything needs to be dealt with, but my yoga family helped me get back to a place where I can deal with things.

The work we do makes everything about yoga make more sense; I wish every class could be broken down the way our teacher trainings break things down.  Having the time to approach asana so mindfully makes a difference in things I do everyday, like driving to and from work.


From my Dove wrapper today, “life happens between an inhale and an exhale”…yoga teacher training helps me understand how to do that better.

~Bobby Newman

Are you interested and ready to learn more about you, your yoga practice like Bobby and to have the grace to choose how you handle life’s stresses moving forward?

Spring is in the air, the seasons of life are changing. It is ok to let go and become and new, updated and even more aligned version of you. Life is a journey of continual learning. Our Essential Yoga Training can be a great tool on your path of evolution and growth.

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