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Victoria Clarke -Yogini Extrodinaire

Maitri – What originally drew you to your yoga practice?
Victoria – I’d always been interested in trying yoga, and when Green Mountain Yoga opened in Five Parks, close to where I live, I grabbed one of my daughters and brought her along to try it with me.  It was wonderful, and I begain to go whenever possible.
Maitri – How does your practice benefit your career?

Victoria – I think yoga helped me physically by improving my flexibility and balance, as well as mentally–especially when we practice being present in the moment.
Maitri – What is your favorite aspect of yoga?
Victoria – How I feel after each class: happy.
Maitri – If you could share anything with a non-practitioner, what would it be?
Victoria – I am always trying to get my husband to come with me to a class.  I tell him it will make feel better.  That he too will be happier.  I have yet to persuade him…but I’m not giving up.
Maitri – Just for giggles  what is your favorite asana posture and why?
Victoria – Favorite: I love moon salutations; I rarely move laterally in my daily life, and the moon salutations get me moving laterally.
– Least favorite and why?
Victoria – Least Favorite: Fire Log/Double Pidgeon; because it my legs are not flexible in that way.