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There are many things in our lives that keep us busy. Family, jobs, dishes, gardens, snow to shovel, traffic… It sometimes feels like it is impossible to add one more thing to the list – even if that thing is to take better care of ourselves. Life is active and full, as it should be. But that doesn’t make you, your health or your true spirit any less important. In actuality if you make yourself a priority it allows the rest of your life to flow more smoothly, even if you don’t take anything out. When you approach the world with mindfulness and from your place of centeredness you can handle the to do lists and the kids and the job and everything else with more grace. You take time for you, not because you are selfish but because you become more whole which allows you to be more selfless. I think this is one of the reasons yoga has become so popular in the West. We are all seeking something better. Yoga taps us into that field of greater potential. We are all limitless beings that have limited ourselves along our journey for various reasons. Whatever the reasons are that we have set up binds for ourselves isn’t the most important thing. It is to see them and then nudge them little by little. We feel this nudging in our asana. We put ourselves into various and sometimes strange positions and then recognize that what seemed impossible is being done. You have accomplished something new. And it feels good. We also discover a sense of stillness within our yoga practice. Yes, you may be moving from pose to pose. But within each pose there is a pause, a moment of awareness that you are breathing, your heart is beating and your mind is relaxed. We culminate each practice with the stillness of Savasana or corpse pose. It is a practice of stillness, we let go of all the worries of the world – there is nothing left to be done, nowhere else to go. You get to be you. Just you. No other definitions are necessary. One of yoga’s highest purposes is to activate your true spirit. To help you tap back into the divine being you were born as and still are. If you find that the postures and group yoga classes have helped on your journey, you would be amazed at all the other offerings yoga has that bring you even closer to the real you. Asana is just the entry point, a doorway, that leads into the rest of this vast palace filled with hidden treasures and beauty. There is the philosophy that guides us to live better lives. Chakras that tune us into our energies. Mantra and meditation that bring focus and clarity. And that is just the start. If you are someone who has benefited from the practice of yoga asanas in class and feels like there is more to learn about yoga and yourself, please consider joining Maitri Yoga in the Essential Yoga Training. It is a life changing/enhancing year that will open your heart and mind to the possibilities of your life. The next start date is October 13, 2018. There are only 5 more available slots  (we max out at 12 students) so be sure to inquire and register early. This is a wonderful time of year to begin the training. Fall is a time filled with energy, abundance and a willingness to turn inward. Our training includes a retreat that is a wonderful way to deeply connect to community and Self. We really get the opportunity to live our yoga. The sooner you register the sooner you can get your books and begin the process of transformation. Blessings. Mindy ArbuckleMindy-Arbuckle-Anjali-Mudra Founder of Maitri Yoga, Teacher, Author, lover of life

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